Conference Replays

Artificial Intelligence in CVD (AI21)

This course contains the videos from the recorded presentations of the Artificial Intelligence in Cardiovascular Disease 2021 Conference. Since this is a replay, one can view the videos in any order they wish. No completion rule applies, regardless of the "All units must be completed" message at the bottom of the page
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  • Opening Session: Artificial Intelligence / Big Data - Background
  • Overview and Welcome
  • Welcome and introduction | T.F. Lüscher
  • Role of digital technologies in the Covid-19 crisis | P. Friedman
  • Biomarkers and machine learning in cardiology | A. Maisel
  • Panel Discussion | Opening Session
  • Session 1: Applying AI to the Specific Subspecialties in Cardiology
  • Multimarker approach to predict risk and outcome | L. Wallentin
  • Finding the patient with transthyretin cardiomyopathy | A. Wechalekar
  • Cardio-Oncology | A. Lyon / T. Ramalingam
  • Using machine learning to separate type one and two MI | A. Beshiri
  • Panel Discussion | Session 1
  • Session 2: Imaging, Genetics
  • Machine learning and imaging in cardiology | P. Leeson
  • AI and coronary CT angiography | C. Antoniades
  • AI for valve disease – who what when for TAVI, Mitral clip, etc. | J.J. Bax
  • AI in genetics | J. Erdmann
  • Panel discussion | Session 2
  • Session 3: Miscellaneous Issues
  • Big data in GUCH | M. Gatzoulis
  • AI in cardiac pathology | J.L. Robertus
  • AI to crack secondary prevention | F. Asselbergs
  • A shortness of breath algorithm in the ED | A. Maisel
  • Machine learning tool for risk prediction in acute coronary syndrome|F D'Ascenzo
  • Panel Discussion | Session 3
  • Session 4: The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
  • AI in health care: The future is now | M. Cowie
  • Cardiology training in the digital era: opportunities and risks | P. Kirchhof
  • Point-of-care high sensitivity troponin testing & the future of AI|P Lopez-Ayala
  • AI in medicine – where are we going? | R. Illing
  • Panel Discussion | Session 4
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed