Conference Replays

Cardiology Update London 2021 (CULondon21)

This course contains the videos from the recorded presentations of the Cardiology Update London 2021 Conference. Since this is a replay, one can view the videos in any order they wish. No completion rule applies, regardless of the "All units must be completed" message at the bottom of the page
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  • Overview and Welcome
  • Opening Lectures: Frontiers in Cardiovascular Science
  • Welcome Address | T. F. Lüscher
  • Heart age and lifetime risk – a new view on prevention | J. Deanfield
  • From herbs to pills to nucleic acid-based therapies | U. Landmesser
  • Session 1: Risk Factors and Prevention
  • The changing landscape of atherosclerosis | P. Libby
  • The new 2021 ESC Prevention Guidelines | F. Mach
  • Managing residual risk: triglycerides and Lp(a) | U. Laufs
  • How to reach new lipid targets with new drugs | F. Mach
  • Diabetes management for cardiologists – an update | N. Sattar
  • Session 2: Acute and Chronic Coronary Syndromes
  • The spectrum of ACS | T.F. Lüscher
  • My patient with acute ACS | M. Bougiakli
  • Novel approaches in the acute management of ACS | A. Banning
  • Intracoronary imaging: How does it guide management? | L.Räber
  • How to diagnose and manage MINOCA | F. Crea
  • Insights from ISCHEMIA: which treatment approach? | B. Gersh
  • Patient-tailored antithrombotic therapy after PCI | R. De Caterina
  • Session 3: Covid-19 – Impact on Heart and Lungs
  • The acute impact of Covid-19 on the cardiovascular system | S. Price
  • Covid-19 and thromboembolism | D. Gorog
  • Treatment options for Covid-19 | C. Wendtner
  • The Long Covid Syndrome | B. Raman
  • Session 4: Valve Disease
  • The 2021 ESC Guidelines on valvular heart disease | A. Vahanian
  • TAVI in aortic stenosis from inoperable to low-risk patients | B. Prendergast
  • Mitral valve disease: knife or clip? | F. Maisano
  • Tricuspid regurgitation, the new frontier | J. J. Bax
  • Session 5: Atrial Fibrillation & Arrhythmias
  • My patient with asymptomatic AF | S. Haldar
  • AF ablation: What do we achieve in patients with and without HF | G. Hindricks
  • Drug treatment of AF: current practice | A. J. Camm
  • The 2021 ESC Guidelines on Cardiac Pacing | C. Cosedis Nielsen
  • Changing indications for ICD treatment | L. Køber
  • The Paul Hamilton Wood Lecture
  • Universal definition and classification of heart failure | G. Rosano
  • Session 6: Chronic Heart Failure
  • The 2021 ESC Guidelines on Heart Failure | T. McDonagh
  • Hemodynamics of heart failure | B. A. Borlaug
  • SGLT2 inhibitors in HF and kidney disease | M. Packer
  • Pro: Towards a universal definition of HF – small or giant steps? | J. Cleland
  • Con: Towards a universal definition of HF – small or giant steps? |M. A. Pfeffer
  • Rebuttals: Towards a universal definition of HF – small or giant steps?
  • Session 7: Cardiomyopathies
  • Diagnosing hypertrophic cardiomyopathy:from genes to imaging | P. Elliott
  • Cardiac myosin inhibition in HOCM | I. Olivotto
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed